Rhopoint's Quality Promise

At Rhopoint Sourcing, we want you to place your orders with complete confidence in the quality of the products you receive. To achieve this, we offer our Rhopoint Quality Promise. When the parts you need are not available from your regular suppliers, Rhopoint Sourcing offers a value-added service of sourcing and selecting suitable alternative suppliers for you. We negotiate on your behalf to secure the product and provide you with transparency regarding the suppliers we select. We do this in several ways:

ISO 9001:2015 certified by BSI - We uphold strict supplier selections to ensure only quality products are sourced. We also have thorough quality management procedures and a rigorous inspection process to guarantee that only the best quality components are delivered to our customers.

Electronic Component Inspection

Members of the ERAI, The World Leader in Supplier and Counterfeit Part Risk Mitigation Solutions, ERAI provides its global members with supply chain risk mitigation solutions including the world's largest searchable database of counterfeit components and high-risk suppliers.

We also give transparency to the quality suppliers we use as standard with our quality promise. For each line item on our quote, you will see our internal supplier rating.

A class suppliers

Reliable sources of supply, typically authorised/ franchised to distribute product from the manufacturer, or product supplied directly from the manufacturer. These products sourced come with our 1-year product guarantee.

B class suppliers

Usually, Independent distributors with quality stock or OEM excess inventory, products sourced from these suppliers come with up to 1 years guarantee. These suppliers have been trading for 3+ years.

C class suppliers

Brokers offering stock from unknown sources. They may adhere to a limited range of quality systems as well as not testing the incoming product before dispatch. By default, they typically carry a higher risk for supplying sub-standard or counterfeit goods. We recommend that all goods from these suppliers are tested before use.

Close-up image of PCB with components mounted upon it

We recommend and offer all products from C class suppliers are tested by an independent test facility before it is dispatched.

We will advise on additional costs and increased lead times wherever it is relevant. Rhopoint can recommend independent test facilities in Europe, the US, and China.

Full test house facilities are available to ensure quality for non-traceable parts, these are available through partners in the US, UK, and Asia.